Thursday, July 19, 2012

My First Blog Post.... Welcome to my World!!

Hello all! Welcome to my very first blog post! Allow me to introduce myself; my name is Tabitha and I am getting ready to begin my first real year of teaching. I want to use this blog to post pictures, ideas, trials, and tribulations that will document this journey I'm beginning.

I graduated from Florida Atlantic University in December of 2011 (Go Owls!), where I completed a WONDERFUL student teaching internship. I learned so much and gained loving, nurturing, and AMAZING mentors. Upon early exiting my internship, I took an interim position in a kindergarten classroom, where again I was blessed with wonderful colleagues that I was able to learn from.

I may post about my personal life from time to time, so just to fill you in: I have a wonderful boyfriend named Chaz, we've been together for just about three years; I also have the most adorable puppy named Coco, believe it or not she is my first real pet! In college, I was a proud sister of Alpha Xi Delta and it is still quite the passion!!


Now, I am getting ready to start my real teaching career, at a new school. Kindergarten again! I am incredibly excited to begin and I have been working hard all summer to get everything ready, on top of working at a summer camp. Needless to say, I've been a busy bee!

 Above you'll find a picture of my classroom pile. All of the things that I've bought/collected to use this year. It is coming along quite nicely!
 These are my pencil cups! How adorable are these things?!?
 File folder and laminating day!
 This is one of my fine arts circles to show the kiddos where we are going each day!
My most recent Pinterest creation! A no name board!!

Stay tuned for more! Thanks for reading!